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My Story

        After being a substitute teacher for six years, I got a full time position with Los Angeles Unified School District as an inner-city 6th grade math/science teacher.  What I found out was that many of my students were turned off to math, so I set about creating an original curriculum to engage them in learning math from another more fun and interesting perspective.  

        I created a class called "Geometric Drawing. The Math/Art Connection", which was taught as an elective and as a seminar for Math Teachers.  It was very well received.  I taught it for ten years both as a math class, middle school elective class and to as many as one hundred Math Teachers per workshop at the California Math Conference.  I used many of the principles of Sacred Geometry in my presentation.  

        Out of this labor of love I developed a deep affinity for the Sri Yantra symbol which represents the Om vibration and the Creation energy of the Universe.  For years I thought about how it would be great to wear that symbol as a I embarked on a worldwide search to find a Sri Yantra that was made from high quality materials and aesthetically beautiful.   I finally found a pendant that met these requirements and started wearing it around town. 

        What I experienced was just short of miraculous.  Wherever I went, strangers would stop me in the street, tell me how beautiful the pendant was, and ask me where they could get one. 

    Well, as they say, the rest is history...I saw the writing on the wall and started to import the Sri Yantra and Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Pendants.  The success of this business gave me the courage to take early retirement from my twenty two years of teaching.  As interest in these Sacred Pendants has grown over the last five years, I have gradually added new Sacred Geometry and Crop Circle patterns to my ever growing storehouse of truly beautiful jewelry.  My wife Pauline likes to call it Functional Healing Jewelry.  I have met many great individuals and really enjoy sharing these artistic pieces with my community and the world at large.

        My advice to you, dear reader, is to find something you are passionate about and throw yourself into it body, mind and soul.  I assure you that something very good will come of your efforts.  You will have the satisfaction that comes from living your life in alignment with your real purpose and plant the seeds for manifesting great joy from your meaningful endeavor.
                Sincerely,  Samuel Kiwasz

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